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European project studies contemporary uses of colonial heritages 

September 2017

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Book presentation

«Trabalho e Políticas de Emprego. Um Retrocesso Evitável»

September 21, 2017, 18h00

Auditorium 3, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (Lisbon)

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International Conference

Strings that weave memory: on colonial wars and liberation struggles

September 22 and 23, 2017

INEP, Bissau (Guinea-Bissau)

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2nd Call for Creative Tourism Projects

Until 31 October 2017

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CES Summer School

Conclusions of the Summer School «Racism, Eurocentrism and Political Struggles» 

September 2017

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7th CES International Seminar on the Foundations of Economics

International circulation of economic ideas, globalization and national histories of economic thought

September 29 and 30, 2017

Faculty of Economics, University of Coimbra

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Revista Crítica de Ciências Sociais | Issue 113

September 2017

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«Trabalho e Políticas de Emprego. Um Retrocesso Evitável». Editors: Manuel Carvalho da Silva, Pedro Hespanha and José Castro Caldas

Observatório sobre Crises e Alternativas | September 2017

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Call for papers

Gender Workshop Series VIII (2017/2018)

Until 26 September, 2017

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Cescontexto | Debates - Issue 18

O Drama dos/as Refugiados/as na Europa

Editors: Carlos Nolasco & Elsa Lechner | September 2017

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Oficina do CES No.438

Um estudo sobre a formação do Conselho Municipal LGBT em Florianópolis

Douglas Francisco Kovaleski and Zeno Carlos Tesser Júnior | September, 2017

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International Seminar

Gestational Surrogacy in Southern Europe 

September 27, 2017, 14h30

Room 1, CES | Alta

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Where is the knowledge of rape within Congolese Society after the Eastern Congo Crisis?

Ngwarsungu Chiwengo (College of Arts and Sciences | Creighton University)

October 6, 2017, 17h00

Keynes Room, FEUC (Coimbra)

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International, Interdisciplinary Conference

Culture, Sustainability, and Place: Innovative Approaches for Tourism Development

11-13 October 2017

Ponta Delgada, São Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal

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XII Young Social Scientists Series

Colliding worlds: Knowledge between research and action

October 12, 2017, 10h00-17h00

Room 1, CES | Alta

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Inaugural Lecture of the CES-UC Doctoral Programmes

Is Suffering a Source of Global Progress?

Michael Barnett (George Washington University)

October 13, 2017, 15h00

FEUC Auditorium (Coimbra)

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Maria Paula Meneses distinguished with the Femina Award 2017

September 2017

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Advanced Training Course

III Course on Psychotraumatology of the Trauma Centre/CES

October 2017 - October 2018

CES-Lisbon and CES-Coimbra

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Call for Abstracts

IASTE 2018 | The Politics of Tradition [4-7 October 2018, U. Coimbra]

Until 6 November 2017

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Barómetro das Crises | no. 16

Novo emprego. Que emprego?

Author: João Ramos de Almeida | 9 june 2017

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