Online Lecture Series

The Weft of Memory: spaces to recount

April - June 2024

Online events

 © Matias Ntundo, "O cão e o osso", 1980's


Following on from the series The Weft of Memory: dates to count, organised by the coordinators of the thematic line Europe and the Global South: heritages and dialogues, which ran throughout 2023, a new series begins now. 

A series of 4 online lectures The Weft of Memory: spaces to recount dedicated to 4 African cities where the struggles for African independences and the 25 April 1974 were also forged.

Between March and June, Rabat, Lusaka, Congo-Brazzaville and Lusaka will be the focal points of this journey, respectively with Susana Martins, Clarence Chongo, Jean Michel Mabeko-Tali and Rui Bebiano.

The lectures take place online with a presentation of up to 40 minutes, followed by a debate.

The speakers will publish their reflections in the Revista Crítica de Ciências Sociais, in a dossier dedicated to the theme.

This activity is part of the CES initiative, «50 years of April» | It takes place via Zoom and does not require registration. However, it is limited to the number of places available 

Organisers: Thematic Line "Europe and the Global South: heritages and dialogues". 


10 April 2024, 16h00 (GMT+1)
Rabat by Susana Martins (IHC, Universidade Nova de Lisboa)
Moderator: Miguel Cardina (CES) 
[Link > | ID: 826 0526 7344 | Password: 543233]


19 April 2024, 16h00 (GMT+1)
Lusaka por Clarence Chongo (University of Lusaka)
Moderator: Maria Paula Meneses (CES)
[Link > | ID: 868 2658 2812
Password: 209838]

16 May 2024, 16h00 (GMT+1)
Congo-Brazaville by Jean Michel Mabeko-Tali  (Howard University)
Moderator: António Sousa Ribeiro (FLUC/CES)
[Link >  | ID: 825 4646 7929
Password: 789759]

17 June 2024, 17h00 (GMT+1)
Algiers by Rui Bebiano (CES, University of Coimbra)
Moderator: Marisa Ramos Gonçalves (CES)
[Link > | ID: 898 8273 3221
Password: 991616]