Online seminar series

Breaking Cycles, Empowering Communities: From Roots To Redress In Displacement And Victimisation 

19, 24, 26 September | 1 October | 2024, 8:30am (GMT+1)


Victims are displaced, and the displaced become victims in situations as diverse as family relations and interpersonal violence, colonisation and migration, environmental disasters, and technological failures.

By pooling a variety of academics and professionals from different academic backgrounds and geographical origins, the workshop will cover three clusters: 1) Changing Displacement Storytelling; 2) Social Disruption and Institutional Failure; and 3) Contemporary Drivers of Victimisation and Displacement: Climate and Algorithms.

This entails a dual goal. From a theoretical angle, it endeavours to bridge a variety of cases that will fuel a joint interdisciplinary inquiry, unveiling common roots and dynamics while capturing peculiarities. Practically, by leveraging this understanding, it aims to identify ways to comprehend and ultimately break these vicious cycles, guiding more effective approaches focused on people's empowerment and identity reappropriation, through processes of resistance, healing, reconciliation, and adaptation.

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