3rd International Postgraduate Colloquium in Feminist and Gender Studies

Crossroads and Horizons 

January 24, 2025

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Call for papers

During the first two decades of the 21st century, there was a great deal of optimism both in the feminist movements and in the Women's, Feminist and Gender Studies (WFGS) research area: rights were being won and centuries of subalternity were being realised, and there was immense hope for the future. Movements such as #metoo, which has gained great global visibility, have raised awareness and pushed discussions about discrimination and gender-based violence onto political agendas. For its part, academia in Portugal has seen a process of institutionalisation of Feminist and Gender Studies, which has resulted in the recognition and validation of a field that had faced a lot of resistance in universities for decades.

Now, in the third decade of this century, we are witnessing a political shift and the return of sexist and anti-gender discourses, policies and practises. Within movements and academia, given the constant attacks and attempts to dismantle and discredit this area of study, it is considered important to combat anti-democratic, anti-gender and anti-women's rights forces.

It is in this context that the Doctoral Programme in Feminist Studies of the University of Coimbra - FLUC / CES - is promoting its 3rd postgraduate colloquium in the area of WFGS. Our aim is to promote dialogue and collaboration between people researching in this area by disseminating their scientific work as a strategy of resistance and democratic empowerment. We aim to focus discussions on strategies to combat discourses and practises that jeopardise progress towards equality and full citizenship for women and LGBTQI+ people. The aim is to strengthen ties between people, as well as ties with institutions and organisations that fight for human rights and the rights of oppressed social groups, from an intersectional perspective.

We invite anyone who is doing scientific work in the area, in master's or doctoral programmes, to share their work, thus contributing to the creation of networks to combat the forces that threaten us. The papers should focus preferably, but not exclusively, on the following sub-themes:

  • Arts - artivisms; visual gender citizenship;
  • Intersectional approaches: class, gender, sexual orientation, race and ethnicity, religion and others;
  • Empowerment and feminisms;
  • Digital cultures: media and cyberfeminisms;
  • Debates and policies on care;
  • De/post/counter-colonialities;
  • Democracy: citizenship, representation and political gender violence;
  • LGBTQI+ rights, identities and movements
  • Feminist epistemologies and knowledges; recognition and institutionalisation;
  • Feminist writing: writing experiences, representations, life stories;
  • Reproductive Justice and Reproductive Rights;
  • Anti-gender and anti-feminist movements and hate speech;
  • Social movements, the State and public policies;
  • Fatherhoods, motherhoods and family dynamics;
  • Queer theory and studies on sexual and gender diversity;
  • Work: segregation, discrimination and precariousness;
  • Violence against women / gender violence.

Submission of proposals: until 17 June 2024.

Organisation response: by 30 July 2024.

Proposals should be sent to: encruzilhadas.horizontes2025@gmail.com

Please include EH2025 in the subject line and organise your proposal in two different files:

  • a file with the full title and an abstract of 250-300 words + 5 keywords;
  • a file with the author's details: name; course and institutional affiliation; email; title of the paper.

Please name both documents as follows:

Surname_Name_Abstract_ EH2025
Surname_Name_InfoAut_ EH2025

Registration: free of charge, but compulsory.

Registration deadline (with paper): 15 November 2024
Registration deadline (without paper): 15 December 2024

Organising Committee:
Adriana Bebiano | Rosa Monteiro| Gonçalo Cholant
Ana Maria Roeber| Ermelinda Melo| Mariacristina Migliore | Marina Faria.