25 de Abril. Revolução e mudança em 50 anos de memória

Eds. Manuel Loff e Miguel Cardina | Presentation 16 June, 18h, Lisbon Book Fair

The April 25 is a central event in our contemporary world. The Revolution destroyed the repressive apparatus of the dictatorship, tested new forms of expression of popular will, challenged property regimes, materialised in the conquest of social, political, cultural and economic rights and enshrined the independence processes of the former African colonies.

This book examines the dynamics of the construction of public memory of the Revolution in democratic Portugal, seeking to show how, in different areas and at different times, and over the last 50 years, the Revolution has been remembered or forgotten, celebrated or contested, appropriated or combated.

Published by Tinta-da-China, the book has a foreword by Fernando Rosas and seven chapters by Ana Sofia Ferreira, Elsa Peralta, Joana Craveiro, Luís Trindade, Manuel Loff, Miguel Cardina and Paula Godinho.

Presentation of the book by Fernando Rosas on 16 June at 18h.