The Centre for Social Studies is located in Alta de Coimbra, close to the Faculties of Science and Technology, Medicine, Arts and Humanities and Law and to the General Library of University of Coimbra.

How to get to CES

From outside Coimbra

By car

Take A1 highway – get off at Coimbra Sul exit and follow the signs to Coimbra City centre. 
After crossing the Mondego River bridge:

  • Drive 200 metres further to a roundabout and turn left (Avenida Fernão de Magalhães);
  • Follow the street for 200 metres to the traffic lights. Turn immediately right to Rua da Figueira da Foz;
  • Drive 200m and turn left to Rua de Aveiro (uphill);
  • Follow the street for 500m and turn right at the top of Rua de Aveiro towards Rua Infante D. Henrique;
  • Drive 300 metres and turn right to Rua de Saragoça (downhill);
  • Drive down Rua de Saragoça (300m), following the street Manutenção Militar (100m) to the next traffic lights;
  • Turn left to the avenue Sá da Bandeira (uphill);
  • Follow the avenue for 500m until you reach Praça da República (Square);
  • Turn right (reference point: immediately after the Teatro Académico de Gil Vicente, to your right) to Rua de Oliveira Matos (200m);
  • Follow the street towards Rua Castro Matoso (200m) to a cobbled roundabout (square) named João Paulo II (reference point: Statue of Pope John Paul II, in front of the aqueduct);
  • Turn right to Calçada Martim de Freitas (the São Sebastião Aqueduct on your left);
  • At the top of the Calçada you will arrive at your destination, Praça Dom Dinis (square), where CES is located.

By train
Coimbra has two train stations:

  • Coimbra A (Estação Nova): located in the city centre.
  • Coimbra B (Estação Velha): located in the outskirts of Coimbra.

Some trains arrive at Coimbra B train station. You need to get off and take a connection train to Coimbra A (this short trip is already included in your train ticket fare) to get to the city centre.

If you wish to come directly to CES, we suggest you catch a taxi. There are taxi services available right outside both train stations.

By Bus (SMTUC Coimbra bus network)

From Coimbra B train station

Bus 5 (Arcos do Jardim stop)

Bus 29 (Praça da República stop)

From Coimbra A train station

Bus 5 (Arcos do Jardim stop)

Bus 29 (Praça da República stop)

Bus 103 (Universidade stop)

From the Faculty of Economics, University of Coimbra

Bus 4 (Rua Alexandre Herculano stop)

By taxi

If you choose to take a taxi, ask the taxi driver to drop you off at Largo Dom Dinis, in the University campus. You will find CES to the right of the Square, immediately after a gated archway.