Research Topics

  1. Rule(s) of Law and Justice Reforms.
    In this topic, it is particularly relevant the analysis of the structures through which law is thought of as a social phenomenon, considering the plural perspectives of State law, transnational law and non-official forms of law. In a close relationship between conceptions of justice, power relations and legal diversity, it analyses thematics such as the access to justice, supra-state law, the law of the oppressed, new constitutionalisms or legal pluralism. 
    Keywords: rule of law, access to justice, penal/prison abolitionism, decolonisation of the state, juridical pluralism.
  1. Human rights, grammars of dignity and anti-discrimination.
    Attentive to human rights both as a language of emancipatory transformation and as a Eurocentric narrative whose limits must be confronted, this topic considers the different grammars of dignity which inspire social struggles against systems of oppression and which question institutional orders that generate exclusion.
    Keywords: antidiscrimination, biodiversity, citizenship, human dignity, identities, historic justice, vulnerability.
  1. Democracy, resistance and alternatives.
    Centred on the analysis of processes of collective action, this topic focuses on critical approaches to the notions and praxis of democracy and citizenship, with a focus on the struggles, rebellions and social protests that confront the structures of capitalism, colonialism and heteropatriarchy. This topic also analyses the challenges posed by the narrowing of democracy in its liberal version and the practices of representative democracy and the resurgence of nationalist populisms in the 21st century.   
    Keywords: collective action, participatory democracy, intersectionality, social movements, care networks, resistance.