Scientific Events

Presentations in scientific events

de Deus, Ernesto (2018), "Predicting current and future potential ranges of eucalypt plantations in the Iberian Peninsula and possible conflicts with the Natura 2000", paper presented at International Conference Non-native tree species for European Forests, Viena, Áustria, 12 to 14 September.

de Deus, Ernesto (2017), "Google Street View potential for studying plant invasions", paper presented at International Conference on Ecology and Management of Alien Plant Invasions (EMAPI), Lisboa, Portugal, 04 to 08 September.

de Deus, Ernesto (2017), "Will conflicts between Eucalyptus globulus and protected areas increase in Iberian Peninsula under climate change scenarios? A model-based framework", paper presented at World Conference on Natural Resource Modeling , Barcelona, Espanha, 06 to 09 June.