Camila Borges


Bachelor's degree in Anthropology (2011) and Master's degree in Medical Anthropology (2013) from the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the University of Coimbra (FCTUC). Since June 2020, she has been a member of the Trauma Observatory/CES team. She took part in the project "Practices of Medicine and Psychiatry in the Context of Colonial War: Memories in the Field", included in the Center for Stress Resources in Military Context (CRSCM) of the Ministry of National Defense. Since 2021, she has been involved in organising the Trauma Observatory's Training Course in Psychotraumatology (CFP). She is currently responsible for the secretariat component of the 5th edition of the CFP.

Latest Publications

Article in Scientific journal

Ahorsu, Daniel; Ajdukovi?, Dean; Baki?, Helena; Borges, Camila; Figueiredo-Braga, Margarida; Lotzin, Annett; Anastassiou-Hadjicharalambous, Xenia; Lioupi, Chrysanthi; Javakhishvili, Jana Darejan; Tsiskarishvili, Lela; Lueger-Schuster, Brigitte (2023), "Shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic: Psychological responses from a subjective perspective", PLOS ONE, 18, 4, e0285078

Article in Scientific journal

Zrni? Novakovi?, Irina; Lueger-Schuster, Brigitte; Verginer, Lucia; Baki?, Helena; Ajdukovi?, Dean; Borges, Camila; Figueiredo-Braga, Margarida; Javakhishvili, Jana (Darejan); Tsiskarishvili, Lela; Dragan, Ma?gorzata; Nagórka, Nadia; Anastassiou-Hadjicharalambous, Xenia; Lioupi, Chrysanthi; Lotzin, Annett (2022), "You can't do anything about it, but you can make the best of it: a qualitative analysis of pandemic-related experiences in six European countries", European Journal of Psychotraumatology, 13, 1