Current research interests

Postcolonial Studies and Identities

Memory Studies

Research Projects

2015-11-01 - 2020-10-31 - "MEMOIRS-Children of Empires and European Postmemories", coordinated by Margarida Calafate Ribeiro, sponsored by European Research Council - ERC.

2013-11-01 - 2014-10-31 - "E-LOCAL for All", coordinated by Clara Keating, sponsored by Lifelong Learning Programme - FP7.
    Project Partnership:
              - Andrea Checcerelli, Univ. Bolonha (Coord.)

2011 - 2013 - "E-LOCAL: Electronically Learning Other Cultures and Languages", coordinated by Prof. Andrea Ceccherelli (University of Bologna), sponsored by European Commission (EACEA).

2008-09-01 - 2011-08-31 - "RAP: 'Race' and Africa in Portugal: a study on history textbooks", coordinated by Marta Araújo, sponsored by FCT.

2007 - 2010 - "Children of the Colonial Wars: postmemory and representations", coordinated by Margarida Calafate Ribeiro, sponsored by FCT.

2004 - 2006 - "INTERACT: Intercultural Active Citizenship Education", coordinated by Manuela Guilherme, sponsored by 6FP - European Commission.