Conceição Gomes



Conceição Gomes is a researcher from the Centre for Social Studies at the University of Coimbra, Executive Coordinator of the Permanente Observatory for Portuguese Justice and the Unit of Legal and Judiciary Training. She's coordinated and participated in the coordination of studies in the areas of policies and reforms of law, justice and courts, and judicial cooperation. In addition to Portugal, she has developed research projects in Macau, Mozambique, Angola and within the European Union - for instance, the studies on the legal map in Portugal, trafficking in women for sexual exploitation, the courts in Angola, or the European arrest warrant. She has been participating in several working groups on justice reform. Teaches in advanced training programs, and has several publications on subjects within her areas of work. Her current research interests focus on the domains of the sociology of law and sociology of the administration of justice, State and judiciary, and justice reforms.

Latest Publications

Article in Scientific journal

Dias, João Paulo; Casaleiro, Paula; Gomes, Conceição; Jesus, Fernanda; Maneca Lima, Teresa; Queirós, Ana Filipa; Relvas, Ana Paula; Sotero, Luciana; Henriques, Marina; Verzelloni, Luca (2024), "Looking at the other side: working conditions in Portuguese courts", International Journal of Law in Context, First View, 1-21

Book Chapter

Gomes, Conceição (2024), Sex, Law, and Domestic Violence against Women in the Modern World, in M. E. Wiesner-Hanks and M. Kuefler (Ed.) (org.), The Cambridge World History of Sexualities (Vol. IV). Cambridge: University Press, 358-380


Gomes, Conceição; Nolasco, Carlos; Veiga, Gustavo; Jesus, Fernanda; Henriques, Marina; Soares, Carla; Carvalho, Carolina (2023), Para uma reforma do sistema prisional: O caso da aplicação do Estatuto do Corpo da Guarda Prisional. Coimbra: Centro de Estudos Sociais