Diana Andringa


Diana Andringa was born in 1947, in Dundo, Lunda-Norte, Angola. She came to Portugal in 1958. In 1964, she enrolled at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon, dropping out later to dedicate herself to Journalism. In 1968, she attended the 1st course in Journalism implemented by the Portuguese Union of Journalists, joining Viva Mundial journal, quitting the job as a result of a collective resignation. Unemployed, she was a marketing copywriter until she was arrested by PIDE, in January 1970. Sentenced to 20 months prison term for supporting the independence of Angola, she then restarted her career in journalism. From 1078 to 2001, she was a journalist at RTP. She was also a columnist at Diário de Notícias, RDP and Público, and short-term associate director of Diário de Lisboa. Currently, she is an independent documentary filmmaker - Timor-Leste, O sonho do Crocodilo; Guiné-Bissau: As duas Faces da Guerra; Dundo, Memória colonial, Tarrafal: Memórias do Campo da Morte Lenta. She reattended University, concluding her PhD degree in Sociology of Communication at ISCTE, in 2013.