Governing Bodies

Board of Directors


Tiago Santos Pereira is a Researcher at CES since 2003. With a DPhil in Science and Technology Policy Studies, from SPRU, University of Sussex, his research, drawing on Science and Technology Studies (STS) and Innovation Studies, has focused on the policies and governance of science and technology and the modes of articulation of knowledge between public sector research, business, public decision making and society. He is Co-Director of the Doctoral Programme 'Governance, Knowledge and Innovation'. He was nominated member of the National Council on Science, Technology and Innovation (CNCTI). He is Vice-Chair of the OECD Working Party on Technology and Innovation Policy (TIP), and is National Delegate to the OECD's Committee on Scientific and Technological Policy (CSTP).


Executive Director

The Board of Directors is composed of three full members appointed by the General Assembly, serving three-year terms. Currently, it is made up of: Tiago Santos Pereira (Director), Antonieta Reis Leite e Paula Abreu (Vice-Directors). Rita Pais was appointed Executive Director. The Board of Directors is responsible for the general governance of the institution and for its legal and institutional representation; implementation of the broad guidelines issued by the General Assembly and the Scientific Board; coordination and supervision of administrative and technical support services for research (human resources, maintenance, financial and administrative, etc.); and submission of annual reports (Activity and Accounting) to the General Assembly.

Scientific Board



The Scientific Board is currently presided by Ana Cordeiro Santos, with Ana Raquel Matos, Fernando Fontes, Marta Araújo e Paulo Providência acting as Vice-presidents. The Scientific Board deliberates on all issues related to the research activities of CES, including the definition of criteria and priorities for the recruitment of researchers. The Scientific Board operates through Plenary Sessions comprising all PhD associates, a representative of non-PhD associates, a representative of postdoctoral fellows and a representative of the junior researchers in standing committee. The Standing Committee of the Scientific Board consists of 25 PhD associates, including ex-officio and peer-elected members, a representative of non-PhD associates, a representative of postdoctoral fellows and a representative of the junior researchers. Members elected for the 2023-26 period are:

Ana Cordeiro Santos

Ana Paula Relvas

Ana Raquel Matos

Catarina Frade

Clara Keating

Cristiano Gianolla

Fernando Fontes

José António Bandeirinha

Júlia Garraio

Lina Coelho

Luciane Lucas dos Santos

Marta Araújo

Patrícia Vieira

Paulo Peixoto

Paulo Providência

Tatiana Moura

Teresa Cravo


General Assembly




The Researchers General Assembly comprises all researchers and decides on the Centre’s major activities guidelines, discusses and approves the annual budget, assesses the financial and activities reports presented by the Board of Directors and decides on the admission of new members. Presently, it is Presided ex-officio by the Rector of the University of Coimbra, Amílcar Falcão, holding as Vice-president José Manuel Pureza and Secretary Luciana Sotero.

Audit Committee



The Audit Committee is composed of: Miguel António Fareleiro Castanheira as President and Patrícia Moura e Sá and Paula Casaleiro as Members. It monitors the budget implementation, gives feedback on management tools, examines the accounts and issues opinions on the annual Financial Report.