Inês Almeida


Collaborates with the event Office, communication and image (GECI) of CES, as part of a professional training course supported by the IEFP. Professionally has worked mainly in the area of communication and marketing, on executive function and Accounts Manager, and even implementation and Management Executive team. More than 5 years of experience in MKT manngement, at real state business. Master in innovation, social entrepreneurship in Portugal with academic incursions in other countries such as Brazil, Italy, Finland, Spain. Persuits scientific deepening as Sociology Phd candidate, combining the interest and dedication on the theme of the third sector and social impact, in an attempt to get cross Marketing professional experience but with personal and professional academic concerns. Through discussions and systematic study, about the role of institutions in the contemporary world and convergence of efforts in co building a fairer and less unequal society, follow in the PhD in sociology, in the area of third sector and social impact the through lens socially responsible research (Socially Responsible Research).