Study Plan

The Doctoral Programme in Labour Relations, Social Inequalities and Trade Unionism has a 3-year duration (6 semesters), totalling 180 ECTS). The PhD thesis project defense occurs at the end of the first academic year. The Programme is lectured in Portuguese.

1st year, 1st semester
Research Seminars I  (7,5 ECTS)
Dissertation Project I (7,5 ECTS)
Option I (7,5 ECTS): each student must choose an optional course unit from the following:
- Sociological Research Methodology
- Advanced Sociological Theories: Exemplary Works
- Conferences
- Any other course unit (7.5 ECTS) of the third cycle in the scientific area of Sociology taught at FEUC.

1st year, 2nd semester
Research Seminar II (11 ECTS)
Dissertation Project II (11,5 ECTS)
Labour, Trade Unionism and Globalisation (7,5 ECTS)

2nd and 3rd years
Doctoral Thesis (120 ECTS)