Theses defended

When health professionals go beyond the disease: dialogues and translations between the "local" and the "global" towards new forms of health promotion

Patrícia Ferreira

Public Defence date
June 17, 2021
Doctoral Programme
Governance, Knowledge and Innovation
João Arriscado Nunes e Cláudia Souza
From the field of social studies on health and medicine and medical anthropology, new debates are emerging on ethics, the production of evidence and interventions in global health.

This doctoral research is a reflective and multidisciplinary contribution to another global health, capable of recognizing the diversity of contexts in which its problems manifest themselves and the biological, social, political, cultural and ecological processes that complexify and create the need for improved interventions.

This study focuses on Plataforma de Saberes (Epidemiology and Social Determinants of Health Research Laboratory, Evandro Chagas National Institute of Infectious Disease, Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil) which promotes a sustained engagement between researchers, health professionals in collaborative production of knowledge on health with patients and community groups, and the creation of innovative health promotion practices in the context of clinical, epidemiological and social research for the control of infectious and chronic-degenerative diseases.

My previous experiences in this field define the heuristic character of a methodological approach that invokes the importance of anticipation work throughout the research process, and the use of collaborative methodologies that don't part knowledge practices from the production of interventions that respond to diverse care needs.

This tracking work in Plataforma de Saberes aims to make visible the neglected experiences that are not part of the dominant science narratives, but constitute the ontology of complex and entangled worlds composed by health, infection, structural vulnerability and suffering but also of other possibilities of future.

The relevance of this social research, its practices and modes of knowledge production is articulated with a renewed attention to the complexity of situations and problems in different parts of the world, as well as to the divergent encounters between biomedical and epidemiological knowledge and knowledges that arise from experience. Relevance inspires this research and intervention in the field of global health, and future lessons for a more critical, ecological and democratic construction of epidemiology and global health.

The applied contribution of this thesis - the design and implementation of the Health Promotion Consultation - reveal the importance of looking at the spaces for encountering problems, in which facts and problematic situations become matters of care based on the stories brought to us by those who are related to, and affected by, them and develop the care for others. In this work, caring for knowledge is the basis for surviving and flourishing, and the recognition of interdependence as a condition of a dignified life.

Keywords: global health; Plataforma de Saberes; ontology; stories; matters of care