«Ciência Viva» - Former Interns Testimonials

« “Ciência Viva” internship was one of the best activities I’ve ever experienced. Not only because it enriches us and gives us a deeper insight, but also because, from my point of view, it combines two essential aspects: entertainment and the opportunity to get to know (…). “Ciência Viva” internship not only displays information, but rather stimulates us to think for ourselves and to build a critical sense about the surrounding world. (…). The second very positive aspect is that it gives us the opportunity to meet new people from our age range, creating mutual-help ties and the ability to work in teams. Furthermore, spending a week of socialization, in which there is space for everything, from gathering moments to debate which issues we must reflect on, to the many entertaining moments! » (Ana Filipa)

«My participation in the “Anatomia de um Protesto” internship, as part of the “Ciência Viva” Summer Scientific Occupation, in 2010, was very enriching. I learned a lot, met a lot of people, new places, themes and different lifestyle contexts from those I knew. It certainly was an excellent learning experience and I recommend young people to attend these internships during summer, if they want to enjoy some fun, enriching and very “scientific” vacations». (Diana)

«My experience was in an internship on “Health and Mental Illness”, where I learned a lot about the causes, origins and prevention. (…) I had the opportunity to visit the Department of Psychiatry of the Coimbra Hospital and University Centre – Sobral Cid Unit, one of the best experiences that I’ve had, where we could get in touch with such a different reality which is so close to us. (…). We also visited the psychiatric ward of the Coimbra Hospital and University Centre, where I had the opportunity to speak with professionals in this field and to know about some real cases, such as the bipolar disorder. (…). This experience ended up helping me take one of the most important decisions of my life. Currently, I’m studying Psychology because the internship week has helped me understand that this was what I really wanted, putting an end to all my doubts». (Catarina)

«Firstly, let me say that the experience was spectacular! It was a great way to get away from the summer vacations routine. (…) I must say that the Centre for Social Studies always provides internships covering very interesting subjects that are not usually approached in school. (…). CES gives you the opportunity to go on free field trips to places to which you will probably never go again, and it mainly gives you the opportunity to speak up and voice your opinion, as we all are important and our opinion always matters. (…) » (Ricardo)

«When I arrived at CES I got very motivated when I realized that they wanted a young opinion that would create a new perspective and pose new challenges on the refugees’ drama, and that, for that purpose, they had organized a didactic week with testimonies from people who lived at the frontline of what we call “subject”, however being a reality for many. (…) With this internship, particularly, with the short research that I have conducted for the final presentation, I understood the importance of assuming a critical sense, seeking to enquire about how did things happen, how people are living, involved parties or not, and what do they think about the issue». (Rita)

«Being at CES was an amazing experience which I will always remember. We were given opportunities that have changed us and made us more aware, not only of the reality, but mainly of how much we are manipulated by the social media. Great professionals taught us to self-reflect, to look for the origin of issues, whether territorial, religious or merely bureaucratic. But the week did not only make us more responsible, but also more tolerant and receptive towards other cultures, and dealing with stereotypes was the best way to overcome them». (Cristiana)

«The internship “Só às paredes confesso” was an opportunity to not only observe the work that can be developed between architecture, sociology and sociolinguistics for the study of the inscriptions scattered on the walls of the University of Coimbra (Alta), but also an incredible socialization experience in a social research setting, in an University designated as a World Heritage site! » (Rafaela)