Since 2005, CES has been organizing an Annual Conferences Cycle, giving an insight into the national and international research work produced by young scientists within the Social Sciences. CES desire to promote the dialogue with the work produced in other institutions was at the origin of this cycle, based on a clearly interdisciplinary matrix. For that purpose, we have been relying on the contribution of some of the most prominent young social scientist, as well as on other actors and knowledges, as people from other academic institutions, from other academic areas and from several civil society organizations have been participating in these conferences.

Inviting researchers with work developed in various scientific fields (Sociology, Anthropology, History, Economics, International Relations, Literary Studies, Education, Law, African Studies, Political Science and Philosophy), CES has thus been endeavouring to contribute to the exchange of experiences and to the discussion on its research results. The attendees’ selection for each cycle is based on the relevance of the work conducted inside their institutions and on their extent of  internationalization within the Social Sciences and the Humanities.

Over the years, this event has had various organization formats. Initially, the editions were organized around nine monthly conferences, in cycles that usually began in October and were extended until June of the following year. In 2013, the decision to restrict the number to a single conference per CES research group was taken. Since 2015, each cycle edition takes place in one single day, in articulation with CES Doctoral Programmes, and with a cross-cutting theme.

At each edition, researchers holding a PhD degree for less than 5 years are invited, being their presentations regulated by a CES researcher who gives feedback.