CES Award Regulation - 2023

  1. The Centre for Social Studies, University of Coimbra, biannually attributes the CES Award, designed to distinguish high-quality work, originally conducted in Portuguese, within the field of the Social Sciences and the Humanities.
  2. Citizens from any Portuguese-speaking country, up to the age of 35 at the closing date of the competition (March 22nd, 2023), may be deemed eligible to apply.
  3. The Award aims to acknowledge studies that, for their outstanding quality, contribute to the development of the Portuguese-speaking scientific communities and for the affirmation of Portuguese as an international language of science.
  4. The Award has the monetary value of five thousand Euros.
  5. Applicants may submit doctoral thesis or scientific books published between January 1st, 2021 and December 31st, 2022. This time period also applies to doctoral thesis, being the date of defence considered for the effect.
  6. Applications must be received at the Centre for Social Studies by March 22nd, 2023, digitally submitted to premioces@ces.uc.pt. In addition to a PDF file of the work in competition, a curriculum vitae with the candidate's full identification, as well as any other elements deemed pertinent, should also be sent.
  7. The jury is presided by the Centre for Social Studies’ Director, and constituted by a group of renowned expert scientists within the Social Sciences and the Humanities, coming from Portuguese-speaking countries.
  8. The final decisions of the jury will be taken by absolute majority voting, with the Chairman having the quality vote.
  9. The Jury may decide not to attribute the Award, issuing a final decision without appeal.
  10. The Award may be attributed in ex-aequo.
  11. The jury’s final decision shall then be taken within 6 months after the application closing date.
  12. CES reserves the right to decide whether or not to publish the awarded studies.
  13. The awarded studies publication should make a mention to the Award attributed by CES.