São Paulo International Short Film Festival Award

Documentary co-organized by NEP/CES distinguished at the of São Paulo International Short Film Festival

"Uma mãe como eu…"[A mother like me…] is the title of the documentary distinguished with the “Curta o Curta” award at the São Paulo International Short Film Festival.

The documentary, which resulted from a partnership between NEP/CES, the Marques de Valle Flor Institute (Lisbon) and Cinema Nosso (Rio de Janeiro), makes notice of the invisible faces of armed violence in Rio de Janeiro, focusing on the stories of mothers, sisters and wives that have lost their relatives in acts of urban violence and now seek to struggle against impunity and forgetfulness. Data from the project “Invisible Faces”, of which the documentary is part, reveal that, since 1998, over five thousand people have died in the city of Rio de Janeiro, victims of police interventions, most of them poor, black and young men.

The award shall allow the documentary be distributed costless, over one year, throughout all short film festivals in Brazil.

The feature film "Luto como Mãe", extended version of this documentary, will be coming soon.

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