Controtempo Award

Mara Pieri receives Controtempo Award 

July 2020

The Italian foundation CODICI - Ricerca e Intervento has just awarded Mara Pieri, a PhD candidate in the Human Rights in Contemporary Societies programme, the Controtempo Award.

The award was attributed for her research «Chroniqueers. Time, care visibility in queer subjects with chronic illnesses», where Mara Pieri, under supervision of Bruno Sena Martins and Elia AG Arfini, aims to analyse life stories of a little known segment of the population: young adults living in Italy and Portugal who identify themselves as LGBTQ+ (lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender, queer, other orientations) and who have chronic illness(es), trying to understand how their life intersects with chronic illnesses in everyday life, in visibility and in the creation of care networks.

Chronic patients' associations, LGBTQ+ associations and specialists in both areas were also heard on the subject. The dissemination proposal includes, among others, the creation of a series of podcasts on research findings, as well as a guide for health professionals.
This is the recognition of the work of early-stage researchers by this Italian foundation, which allows the winners access to a fund that will facilitate the dissemination of the research’s results, under the doctoral thesis, to a wide audience.

[More information on the thesis project]