António Sérgio Award 2022

Project TIMES distinguished 

December 2022

The book Trajetórias Institucionais e Modelos de Empresa Social em Portugal   was awarded the António Sérgio 2022 Prize, in the Studies and Research Category. Authored by Sílvia Ferreira et al. it results from the research developed within the TIMES research project - Institutional Trajectories and Social Enterprise Models in Portugal, carried out at the Centre for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra, between June 2018 and November 2021. The work contributes to the knowledge of the meaning, profile, institutional context and roles of Social Economies in Portugal, in order to help strengthen their role in solving social and societal problems.

The António Sérgio 2022 Prize distinguished seven winning projects - two in the +Innovation and Sustainability category, one in the Studies and Research category, one in the Lusophone Studies and Research category, two in the Schoolwork category and one in the Journalistic Work category - also awarding seven honourable mentions and recognising the Social Economy Personalities of the Year.

Created by the António Sérgio Cooperative for the Social Economy (CASES) in 2012, the António Sérgio Cooperation and Solidarity Award is designed to honour the natural and collective persons who, each year, have most distinguished themselves in areas relevant to the Social Economy, with six categories and an Honour Award.