Post-doctoral Internship Visits Regulation


The Centre for Social Studies (Centro de Estudos Sociais - CES) of the University of Coimbra (UC) is a Centre of Excellence and has the status of Associated Lab to the Department for Science, Technology and Higher Education. It works on interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research, mainly focusing on research in the field of social sciences, arts and humanities, also encompassing other scientific fields, whenever relevant.

Therefore, and looking to strengthen and internationalize its structuring activities (research, publications, advanced training, outreach activities and scientific promotion), CES intends to encourage post-doctoral internships. As a host unit for postgraduate students, CES justifies the existence of a specific regulation to provide a framework for the activities developed by visiting researchers in post-doctoral internships during their stay at CES.

Article 1

This Regulation defines the rights, obligations and conditions of access for post-doctoral researchers external to CES and UC who are attending a post-doctoral internship at CES.

Article 2

The title of visiting post-doctoral internship researcher is attributed to the post-doctoral researchers who take on residence periods at Centro de Estudos Sociais with the goal of developing research activities supervised in accordance with a previously approved work plan. This visit may take place for periods of 12 and 18 months, during which the visiting post-doctoral internship researcher maintains his/her connection to the institution of origin.

Article 3
Conditions of access

  1. The candidate for the position of post-doctoral internship visitor must hold a PhD degree or equivalent, regardless of his/her nationality, and he/she must not have any labour contract with CES or the UC.
  2. The application for post-doctoral internship scientific hosting must be addressed to CES’ Scientific Board President. The application may identify a preferential supervisor from the associate postdoctoral researchers at CES, or, if made by the supervisor, it may indicate the CES postdoctoral researcher taking on the supervision role in case of approval.
  3. The application must include:
    1. The applicant's Curriculum Vitae;
    2. A copy of the PhD certificate;
    3. A structured work plan with a chronogram of the research duration (explaining the activities to be developed at CES);
    4. A letter of motivation explaining why CES was chosen as the host institution;
    5. Other aspects the candidate might find relevant (recommendation letters, publications, etc.).
  4. The proposal for the post-doctoral internship is assessed by CES’ Scientific Board. After hearing the supervisor and the coordination of the relevant Research Unit, the Council has the final decision on the application's acceptance.
  5. Carrying out a post-doctoral internship at CES does not generate any functional or employment bond with the institution.
    1. For the purpose of obtaining letter of acceptance, in view of a funding for the conduction of a post-doctoral internship or to request leave from the institutions of origin, candidates must submit their request to, in one of the three established calls, between 1 and 15 of January, 16-31 of May or 1 to 15 of September of each calendar year. The results will be communicated within a period of no more than 30 days.

Article 4

  1. The visiting post-doctoral internship researcher has the right to use the facilities and services of the Centre, in equal circumstances with CES’ associates, depending on the availability and the activities to be compulsorily promoted together with the supervisor researcher at CES.
  2. For the duration of the post-doctoral internship, the researcher has the right to a 50% reduction in the subscription payment, if applicable, in colloquia, congresses and advanced training courses.
  3. The reduction indicated in the previous paragraph is decided by the Organizing Commission or by the Coordinator of the event, who must fix a number of post-doctoral researchers to whom the reduction and amount will apply. This reduction is not applied to CES Summer/Winter School.
  4. During the post-doctoral internship visit, the researcher will have a user profile in the data management platform myCES.
  5. CES will register the visiting post-doctoral internship researcher in the University of Coimbra's Welcome Centre for Visiting Researchers, so that he/she can benefit from the UC ID Card, with which he/she can use the library network and university restaurants.

Article 5

  1. The visiting post-doctoral internship researcher undertakes to respect the operational procedures and regulations in force at CES, collaborating with the administrative services by sending requested information and committing to a responsible use of the material made available for the community.
  2. All communications, publications or dissemination material for the scientific activities arising from the visiting post-doctoral internship researcher’s work must mention having benefited from the research developed during his/her stay at Centro de Estudos Sociais of the University of Coimbra.
  3. The visiting post-doctoral internship researcher must regularly participate in the scientific activities developed at CES.
  4. At the end of the post-doctoral internship, the researcher will present to the Scientific Board a final report of activities, together with the supervisor's opinion, so that the institution can assess, approve and issue its scientific opinion.
  5. The post-doctoral internship researchers must ask the financing/labour contract institution to provide CES with a statement recognizing CES as a host unit for the internship. This must be done within 15 days of the application acceptance communication.
  6. Without prejudice to the activities he/she intends to propose and carry out, the visiting post-doctoral internship researcher undertakes to carry out by the end of the programme at least one relevant publication per year and at least a seminar on the research developed, preferably in articulation with other researchers.

Article 6

Any omissions in these regulations will be assessed and decided in accordance with the relevant powers, by the Board of Directors and the Scientific Board President at CES.

Article 9
Entry into Force

This regulation enters into force on the date of its approval by CES’ Scientific Board.

October 23rd, 2019