Avaliação BUPI
Evaluation of results and impacts from the BUPI initiative (Land Plot Single Counter)

May 25, 2023 to December 31, 2025
31 months

The Simplified Land Registry Information System and the Land Plot Single Counter - hereinafter referred to as the BUPi initiative - is a policy measure aimed at delineating rural land plots and identifying their owners to promote better knowledge and management of the national territory.
The BUPI initiative started in 2017 in 10 pilot municipalities in the North and Centre Portugal, and extended to the entire national territory in 2019. The BUPi initiative aims to aggregate and articulate registry, property records and georeferenced information related to land plots, allowing the country to establish its land registry.
The initiative is part of the Recovery and Resilience Plan, component C08 - Forests, under the investment designated as "Rural Property Registry and Land Cover Monitoring System", which includes the sub-investment "National Land Registry System" aimed at operationalising BUPi as the single platform for the interaction with citizens and companies, and between them and the Public Administration and the simplified land registry system, based on the three pillars of promoting property registration, prompt acquisition of data regarding land plot geometry and harmonisation of tax data.
The research consortium composed by the Centre for Social Studies and the Faculty of Economics from the University of Coimbra (CES/FEUC) will conduct an assessment of the results and impacts of the BUPi initiative for the Mission Structure for the Expansion of the Simplified Land Registry Information System (eBUPi).
The research will be anchored in the policy evaluation model recommended by the European Union, supplemented by theoretical-methodological contributions from other recognised approaches to policy evaluation.


The CES/FEUC research consortium will identify, collect and assess the indicators to enable the identification and measurement of actual and potential results of the BUPi initiative in the economic, environmental and social domains.
Phase 1 of the project has been concluded with the production and delivery of the following products:
- BUPi Impact Framework - Identification of general and specific objectives of the initiative. Report 1 (September 2023)
- Initial steps for the implementation of an evaluation process of the rural property registration initiative. Book chapter to be published by the Ministry of Justice (January 2024)
- Evaluation of the BUPi initiative – a perceptions study in four municipalities. Report 2 (January 2024)


Faculty of Economics, University of Coimbra

Catarina Frade (coord)
Ernesto de Deus
Fernanda Jesus
Liliana Pimentel
Maria Rita Martins
Micaela Antunes
Patrícia Moura e Sá
Rui Lourenço
bupi, land registry / cadastre, georeferencing, evaluation
Funding Entity
Ministry of Justice