May 1, 2023 to April 30, 2025
24 months

The Engaging Men in Nurturing Care Initiative aims to realize the vision of children growing up societies where men and women are equally treated, respected and appreciated as parents and women’s and men’s work are equally valued, distributed and recognized in formal and informal contexts. For those purposes, it aims to:
- Build evidence for a compelling narrative at the European/country level about the importance of positive masculinities, fatherhood, and gender equity in early years for child’s healthy development.
- Implement effective programs at city/country level targeting different early childhood professionals and fathers to determine change in home and services practices towards increased father/men engagement.
- Establish lasting partnerships and alliances at city, country, EU level with key stakeholders able to support the uptake of policy and programs enabling men engagement in nurturing care at country level.


Over the next three years, by employing the gender-synchronized two-folded approach, the initiative sets out to achieve the following outcomes:
1. Increased support at city level for higher uptake of paternity leave as a consequence of the implementation of the EU Life Work Balance Directive at the country level.
2. Field built for scaling up programs focusing on men engagement in nurturing care at the city level, based on evidence from program implementation, policy influencing, and the city and national partnerships built among public, private, non-profit sector and governmental bodies.
3. Changed practices among early childhood professionals (and professionals to be) across sectors in the targeted cities, towards empowering and enabling men engagement in co-sharing nurturing care responsibilities.
4. Changed practices of fathers and fathers to be in the home environment in the targeted cities, towards co-sharing the nurturing care responsibilities.
5. Solid partnerships built at local, country and EU level for further supporting the scaling up of programs/policy initiatives promoting fatherhood and men engagement in nurturing care.


 ISSA – International Step by Step Association (Coordination)
 Observatory Masculinities.pt – Centre for Social Studies
 Centro per la Salute del Bambino - CS
 Plural Centre de Masculinitats – Ajuntament Barcelona

care, early childhood development, fatherhood, gender, masculinities
Funding Entity
OAK Foundation