MAPS <br>European Postmemories -  A Postcolonial Cartography

European Postmemories - A Postcolonial Cartography

36 months

“MAPS  European Postmemories -  A Postcolonial Cartography” aims to map out a new cartography of European memory, bringing to the fore the memories of those who were affected by colonialism and decolonization in Portugal, France and Belgium, from the point of view of second and third generations, collected in more than 160 interviews - 90 of which with artists - carried out within the scope of the Memoirs project – Children of Empires and European Post-Memories, funded by the European Research Council and based at the Center for Social Studies.


As main achievements, the project proposes the design of the first digital platform (database) of European artists and works of colonial postmemory in five artistic areas and a podcast with interviews with descendants of former colonizers, former colonized and colonial-war veterans living in France, Belgium and Portugal.

Aimé Mpane
Guido Gryssels
Jean-François Chougnet
Katia Kameli
post-colonial europe, postmemory, literature and arts, science communication
Funding Entity
Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology