A bridge to close the STEM gap with gender-inclusive education and teaching

September 1, 2023 to August 31, 2025
24 months

This action-research project aims to reduce the gender gap in STEM fields of study by reinforcing the skills of the teachers of STEM courses in terms of gender diversity management (gender aware, fight against gender stereotypes, gender inclusive education and teaching, etc.). We will target those who teach pupils between the ages 11-15, in lower-secondary schools. In the end we aim to get more girls into STEM fields of study and professions.

The activities include:
1. an EU framework on equality in STEM at school where we intend to lay the scientific foundation for the construction of the tools
2. tailor-made tools for equity in STEM pedagogy, where awareness and ready-to-use tools will be developed, mainly available on digital format to ease their dissemination and spreading
3. a multilingual platform will be created as a reference sharepoint to support gender equity in STEM in the classroom.


The project will develop a digital mini-training programme including information, awareness raising tools and ready-to-use activities for STEM teachers. They will be better equipped to strengthen their role, and that of schools in general, as a key player in guidance where students, especially girls, feel more confident in pursuing STEM studies at secondary education level, as well as later in their career.


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