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Governance and Citizenship in the digital Age - UNESCO Network Project (UNITWIN)

The "Governance and Digital Citizenship" network represents a broadening and reinforcement of training actions by and on pure and applied research as well as the third mission, namely services to the community on the themes of the transformation of governance, practices and standards related to public action and public / private interactions with an empirical focus on the areas of public justice and security policies. It focuses on the big data culture, which includes as prism the components of knowledge of logical and managerial mathematical excellence, as well as the legal aspects of data protection and economic aspects of transformation. Radical practices of citizenship patterns of interaction between actors and rules see between companies and institutions. The framework agreement between the two institutions, which is in the definition phase, opens a horizon of scientific and institutional cooperation between the teams of two universities and two campuses with a modular format (with steps and crossed axes) affecting the strategies of fundraising, training and research capable of meeting the functional and professional needs of companies, institutions and citizens on a global scale. The network's proposal builds on the activities of the chair's coordinator in the OECD and the activities initiated under the program "Promoting the Culture of Lawfulness through Education" (GCED program and UNODC's Education for Justice (E4J) initiative). The Network engage in research, production, sharing, and dissemination of knowledge having an impact on: 1. Governance and the transformation of public action in the face of digital 2. Professionalism and the ability to govern complex processes in the digital age 3. The integrity and culture of legality in society and the economy. These activities take place on 4 axes: - Master and PhD training; - Professional training; - Applied research of the interdisciplinary type (social sciences data science management) - Community services and public debate.

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