Editorial policy

The CES Collection is the result of a partnership between the Centre for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra and the Coimbra University Press, aiming at publishing works of academic, scientific and cultural interest reflecting the topicality and interdisciplinarity of the debates in the in the social sciences, arts and humanities which mark CES research.

The Collection is governed by the following general editorial policy principles:

• Manuscript proposals must come from CES researchers, post-doctoral researchers, junior researchers or researchers connected to CES.

• Manuscript proposals that are outputs of funded projects developed at CES or with the participation of CES may have priority over other proposals. In any case, however, the final selection will be determined by the editorial policy, editorial criteria and compliance with the publication guidelines.

• The Collection accepts proposals throughout the year. Nonetheless, the Collection may launch calls for proposals of publication whenever it sees fit, in order to institute a coherent publications’ plan for the following years.

• The author of the proposal must send a duly completed form by e-mail to the Collection e-mail address. This form is available on this website, in the section “Proposals submission”.

• Only manuscripts in Portuguese or English will be accepted. Proposals submitted in Portuguese must follow the norms of the Portuguese Language Orthographic Agreement of 1990. In proposals submitted in English, the clarity of the text and the quality of writing will be conditions for publication, and proposals may be rejected if the language level is not adequate.

• Each manuscript peer-review process is expected to take about 6 months, wherefore the Editorial Board stresses the importance of submitting the proposals in good time. This aspect is particularly relevant in the case of the possibility of funding the work within research projects. In this case, it is recommended to submit the proposal up to one year before the end of the respective project execution.

• The proposals will be evaluated by the Collection’s Editorial Board, which will decide whether or not the proposal will pass on to the subsequent evaluation phase by anonymous reviewers. This decision is made by considering criteria of relevance, interest and quality, defined in accordance with the editorial policy of the Collection.

• If the Editorial Board considers that the proposal can proceed to peer review in a double-blind peer review system, the author will have to send an anonymous version of the manuscript.

• The Editorial Board will draw on the opinions received to take a final decision with respect to the publication or not of the manuscript in the Collection.

• The Editorial Board may request author(s) to revise the manuscript reflecting the reviewers’ recommendations and condition its publication to a new appreciation of the revised version.

• The authors undertake that the manuscript in its final version, sent by e-mail to the Collection, complies with all the indications set out in the publication Guidelines. If otherwise, the manuscript will not be forwarded to the Coimbra University Press.

• It is the author(s)’s responsibility to review the proof copy.

• Authors are fully responsible for the published manuscripts.

• The books will be published in print and digital formats.

• The digital edition will be available in open access under a Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-ND license.

• The printed edition will be available for sale to the general public at the CES Shop as well as at the online bookshop of the Coimbra University Press.