ISSN 2182-7966
Open access publication 

Oficina do CES is a publication of the Centre for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra publishing Working Papers in electronic format. It releases work in progress papers coming from research projects or from theoretical and/or methodological considerations conducted by CES senior, associate or visiting researchers. It also publishes papers conducted by junior researchers and by students attending the postgraduate courses offered by CES or other CES partner institutions, provided that they are recommended by CES researchers.

Oficina do CES reserves the right to publish or not the submitted papers and commits to communicate and substantiate the final decisions to authors. Accepted papers for publication may be object of review, upon suggestion of the publication coordinator. Oficina do CES does not accept final versions of papers for publication or already published papers.

To submit a text to Oficina do CES, please check the guidelines for the submission of manuscripts and send your proposal to: oficina@ces.uc.pt.

All manuscripts of Oficina do CES are published under a Creative Commons License - Attribution CC BY.