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Editorial Coordinator: Ana Sofia Veloso
Editorial Assistant: Alina Timóteo
Phone: +351 239 855 573
Fax: +351 239 855 589

Revista Crítica de Ciências Sociais
Centre for Social Studies
Colégio de S. Jerónimo, Largo D. Dinis
Apartado 3087
3000-995 - Coimbra


Subscriptions and sales

Subscription (3 issues per year)



25 €


40 €

European Union


40 €


55 €

Other countries


55 €


70 €


- Prices include VAT at the applicable rate in force and shipping costs.

- 20% discount will be applicable to students, unemployed people (living in Portugal) and to members of the Associação Portuguesa de Sociologia (APS), International Sociological Association (ISA)/ and the Portuguese Political Science Association (APCP).

- For subscriptions through agents, the delivery cost will be based on the destination of the journal and not on the agent’s country.


Single issues 

From issue no. 96 of RCCS to the current issue = 10 euros
From issue no. 21 of RCCS to issue no. 95 = 5 euros
From issue no.1 of RCCS to issue no. 14 = 2 euros
Issue 15/16/17 and issue 18/19/20 = 4,50 euros

Delivery costs will be charged depending on the order destination and weight. (E.g. one journal delivery: Portugal - 1,66 €; Europe - 4,92 €; other countries - 8 €)


Payment options

Payment of single issues:

- credit card (please contact to ask for more details about this option)

Payment of subscription fees and/or single issues:

- bank transfer* (please send proof of payment)
- check (payable to the Centre for Social Studies)

*Bank data:
National - IBAN: PT50003508170000350053014
International - Bank transfer: IBAN: PT50003508170000350053014; SWIFT Code: CGDIPTPL; Bank: CGD-Caixa Geral de Depósitos; Branch: Praça da República, Coimbra

If your resquest is made by e-mail to us or by letter, please send the following information:
- full name;
- ful shipping address;
- VAT number;
- eligibility for discount: copy of student ID, proof of unemployment (applies to Portuguese residents only); member ID of the above-mentioned associations;
- proof of payment (poof of the bank tranfer, sending of a check, etc.).