Níels Einarsson


Nota biográfica

Dr. Níels Einarsson is an anthropologist and Director of the Stefansson Arctic Institute in Iceland, Co-Director, Arctic Research Center (CER-ARCTIC), Autonomous University of Barcelona and Senior Arctic Fellow, Institute of Arctic Studies, Dartmouth College. Main research and professional interests include the social, cultural and environmental dimensions of marine resource governance, climatic change, and North Atlantic Arctic sustainability and social change issues. Has led and participated in numerous international research and scientific assessment projects with a focus on the circumpolar region, including co-editing the first Arctic Human Development Report. PI on the Nordic Centre of Excellence in Arctic Research project Arctic Climate Predictions: Pathways to Resilient, Sustainable Societies - ARCPATH (2016-2021) with emphasis on environmental and social change in North Atlantic Arctic coastal communities. Also PI on Horizon 2020 JUSTNORTH - Toward Just, Ethical and Sustainable Arctic Economies, Environments and Societies (2020-2024). For more information see http://www.svs.is/static/files/Starfsfolk/cv-dr-niels-einarsson-13may2020.pdf and for info on the Stefansson Arctic Institute see http://www.svs.is/en