2022-on - As a member of its teaching team, since 2022, I have taught regularly in the PhD Programme in "Social Studies", FISPPA, University of Padova. The module I teach since is on intersectional thory, reseach method and ethics.

2022-10-19 a 2022-11-16 - 3 Masterclasses on "Media, Migration, and Representations" at the Department of Philosophy and Cultural Heritage, University of Venice "Ca' Foscari" (as part of my lecturing programme as visiting scholar).

2022-02-15 - MA seminar: "Deconstructing whiteness, rethinking Italy" at the Course - A: "Cultural Encounters and Theories in Time, Place and Spaces" chaired by Julia Suárez Krabbe & Lars Jensen at Roskilde University

2021-03-31 a 2021-04-01 - Two MA seminars for the Research project "Genealogie del futuro" - Accademia delle belle arti di Brera, Milan

2020-04-15 - MA seminar: "Intersectionality, Queer theory and the critique of multiculturalism" at the course "Critical Intercultural Dialogue" (CID) (second semester) of the MA in Sociology Faculty of Economics, University of Coimbra

2019-10 - Two Undergraduate seminar, with Dr. Silvia Roque: "(De)Othering the media" at the University Lusofona, Lisbon [n. 60 stdents, Programme: Cinema, 2º year undergraduate; Course: Metodologia de Análise da Imagem; Chair: prof. Inês Gil and n. 30 students, Programme: Cinema, 3º year undergraduate; Course: Estratégias Criativas para Cinema; Chair: prof. Celia Quico]

2018-on - As a member of its teaching staff, since 2018 I have taught regularly in the MA in Critical Criminology and social security (organized by University of Padova and Bologna) [online]. The module I teach is on "Postcolonial studies and intersectionality".

2018-10-02 - PhD seminar: ""For an analysis of monstrosity: climate change, border control and terrorism" (Per un'analisi postcoloniale della mostruosità, tra climate-change, border control e guerra al terrorismo)" at the PhD Programme on "Political Studies" - Colonial and Decolonial Political Thought (Dottorato in Studi politici - Pensiero politico della colonizzazione e della decolonizzazione), the University of Rome "La Sapienza", Italy

2018 a 2021 - Between 2018 and 2021, I have co-coordinated and taught the course on "Issues on Sociology, Politics and Democracy" (MA in Sociology) at the Faculty of Economics (FEUC), University of Coimbra. The module I teach is titled "Democracy, citizenship and in its margins in the Anthropocene".

2017-on - As a member of its teaching team, since 2017 I have taught regularly in the PhD Programme "Theories and Politics of Human Rights (TPHR)", that then was restructured and re-named "Human Rights in Contemporary Societies". The module I teach since is on "Intersectionalities, assemblages, situated knowledges: a critique to universalism, objectivity and neutrality".

2017-06-01 - PhD seminar: "The white male gaze in Italian cine-reportages 1960s-1970s: masculinity and Otherness between colonialism and decolonisation". Discussant: Dr Monica Moreno Figueroa - Dept. of Sociology, University of Cambridge (UK).

2016-on - As a member of the teaching staff, I have taught regularly at the CES PhD Programme "Democracy in 21st century", University of Coimbra, Portugal. The module I teach is on Critical race theory, Intersectionalist and Postcolonial studies at the crossroads.

2016-11-22 - PhD seminar: "Re-thinking Europe. Critical insights in Modern and post-colonial Europe" at the CES PhD Programme "Postcolonialism and Global Citizenship", University of Coimbra, Portugal

2016-05-26 - Postraduate seminar: "Zombie, alieni e mutanti", invited by prof. Iain Chambers Borderscapes - postgraduate seminars series, Centro Studi Postcoloniali e di Genere; discussant: Dr Andrea Pezzé (CES), University of Naples "L'Orientale" (Italy).

2016-01-13 - Postgraduate seminar: "Figure della cittadinanza fra razzismi, esclusione e stereotipi. Un viaggio fra gli immaginari italiani dell'Altro con Gaia Giuliani": Discussant: Roberto Beneduce (Dip. Culture, Politica e Società, Università di Torino), Maurizio Veglio (International University College of Turin) - at the Dottorato in Scienze Psicologiche, Antropologiche e dell'Educazione Indirizzo antropologico Anno Accademico 2015/16 - Metodologia della Ricerca Etnografica, Ciclo di incontri dottorali coordinato da Roberto Beneduce e Barbara Sorgoni - at the Dipartimento Culture, Politica e Società Campus Luigi Einaudi (Italy).

2015-09-11 - Paper at a PhD workshop: "Il colore della nazione: storia della bianchezza degli italiani", Seminar title: "Lontano vicino. Metropoli e colonie nella costruzione dello Stato nazionale italiano" (11-12 September), University of Rome "La Sapienza" (Italy).

2014-11-05 - PhD seminar: "Lettura postcoloniale e femminista della produzione cinematografica e televisiva italiana", Université Paris Ouest, Nanterre La Défense (France).

2014-05-07 - PhD seminar: "How Italians became white: an intersectional analysis of Italians' racial identity", Dept. Sociology, Goldsmiths College, University of London (UK).

2014-04 a 2016-5 - Undergraduate supervisor [undergraduate course INT4, chaired by DR Monica moreno Figueroa]: 'Racism, race and Ethnicity' Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge (UK)

2014-03-20 - Postgraduate workshop: "Critical Whiteness Studies, Intersectionality and Emotional coding as the fundational analytical scheme for scholarly research and intellectual understanding of culture, history and society", Programa de Doutoramento em Modernidades Comparadas, CEHUM, Universidade do Minho (Portugal).

2013-02 a 2015-02 - Stipendiary postgraduate guest lecturer (6 hours teaching: period of teachng: February) for 3 academic years to the Master course of Gender Studies (career in Sociology and Semiotics) lead by Prof. Cristina Demaria at the Faculty of Filosofia e Comunicazione, University of Bologna - Bologna campus (large scale: around 70 students)(Italy)

2013 a 2021 - Between 2013 and 2021, I collaborated with the PhD Programme in "Social Studies" at FISPPA, University of Padova. My seminars were on several topics, namely race in settler colonialism; discourses, imaginaries and theories of race in the age of empires; racism and intersectionality in postcolonial Italy; visuality and racism.

2005-09 a 2006-07 - Stipendiary undergraduate teaching assistant at the course 'Donne Politica Istituzioni' lead by Prof. Maria Laura Lanzillo) at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Bologna - Forlì campus (large scale: around 70 students)

2001-10 a 2009-06 - Not-stipendiary undergraduate teaching assistant and guest lecturer, coadiuvating the supervision of presentations, essays, and BA thesis for the undergraduate course of 'Colonial and Postcolonial Studies' led by Prof. Sandro Mezzadra at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Bologna - Bologna campus (medium scale: around 30 students per year)

2001-09 a 2007-07 - Stipendiary undergraduate teaching assistant in the academic years 2001-2002, 2002-2003, 2004-2005, 2006-2007: course of 'Contemporary Global and Italian History' (lead by Prof. Giuseppe Maione) at the Faculty of Political Sciences (University of Bologna, Bologna campus). (very large scale: 200 students per year)

2001-09 a 2002-07 - Stipendiary undergraduate teaching assistant (one of four teaching assistants) for the course of 'History of Political Thought' (lead by Prof. Carlo Galli) at the faculty of Political Sciences, University of Bologna, Forlì campus (very large scale: around 350 students)