Plano de estudos

The Doctoral Programme on Human Rights in Contemporary Societies has a 4-year duration (8 semesters), totalling 240 ECTS. The PhD thesis project defense occurs at the end of the 3rd semester. This Programme is lectured in English only (classes, essays, thesis and defense).

1st year, 1st semester
History of Human Rights and the North-South Divide (10 ECTS) 
Theories and Politics of Human Rights: A critical Outlook (10 ECTS)
Scales and Practices of Human Rights: Legalization, Mobilization and Contestation (10 ECTS)

1st year, 2nd semester 
Human Rights, Intercultural Diversity and Representation (10 ECTS)
Human Rights, Inequalities, Discrimination and Social Transformation (10 ECTS)
Human Rights, Development Policies and Globalizations: Contradictions and Alternatives (10 ECTS)

2nd year, 1st semester
Research Methodologies Seminar and Thesis Project (25 ECTS)
Short-term internship (5 ECTS)

2nd year, 2nd semester, 3rd and 4th years 
Thesis (150 ECTS)