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The Doctoral Programme in Sociology of the State, Law and Justice is a 4-year programme (8 semesters), totalling 240 ECTS. The PhD thesis project defence occurs at the end of the 3rd semester.

The Programme is taught in English, but the essays, thesis project, drafts of the dissertation and final version of the dissertation can be written in English, Portuguese or Spanish. The oral defence, or viva, of the thesis project and of the dissertation can also be conducted in any of the three languages.

1st year, 1st semester
Crime and gender violence (10 ECTS)
Social theories of law and justice (10 ECTS)
State, democracy and legal pluralism (10 ECTS)

1st year, 2nd semester
Access to law and justice, courts and justice administration policies (10 ECTS)
Modernity, colonialism and racial violence (10 ECTS)
Social rights, financialization and inequalities (10 ECTS)

2nd year, 1st semester
Research internship (10 ECTS)
Research seminar: Development of the thesis project and qualification exam (20 ECTS)

2nd year, 2nd semester, 3rd and 4th years
Thesis (150 ECTS)