Porquê no CES?

CES has a long scientific tradition in the core areas of this PhD. CES hosts the Portuguese Permanent Observatory of Justice, which for over twenty years has been actively monitoring, from a comparative point of view, the area of law and justice in Portugal, in Portuguese-speaking and non-Portuguese speaking countries.

CES constitutes a truly cosmopolitan environment with a strong international dimension, in which diversity of interests and orientations is structurally stimulated.

Socially and culturally diverse, CES also has the advantage of being a multidisciplinary space for the Social Sciences and Humanities. Students may attend classes, conferences, seminars and many other scientific events in various areas of knowledge throughout their PhD Programme.

In addition to CES’ diversity and openness, its teaching staff cultivates a welcoming and supportive atmosphere. Each student receives personalised attention, training and supervision on the part of the faculty, in addition to which they can also draw on the entire CES research team. Once they are at Coimbra and are being hosted by CES and III (UC’s Institute of Interdisciplinary Research), students will benefit from all the academic, scientific and logistical support provided by both institutions.