Barómetro das Estratégias Nacionais Anticorrupção

1 de março de 2021 a 31 de dezembro de 2023
34 meses

Monitoring justice reforms is one of the missions of the Permanent Observatory of Justice (OPJ) of the Centre for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra. Within this framework, the creation of the Barometer for the Application of National Anti-Corruption Strategies (BeNAC) has a double objective: 1) to promote the debate on the phenomena of corruption and economic crime and on the strategies to combat them, both in the national and international context, with a special emphasis on Portuguese-speaking countries; and 2) to monitor the implementation of the measures contained in the Portuguese Anti-Corruption Strategy 2020-2024.
The Barometer includes a set of initiatives, which will be adapted and renewed in the coming years. Through them, we seek to create a space for reflection and public debate on those themes, open to judicial, political and social actors, academics and society in general. The Barometer will aggregate and produce relevant documents, information, knowledge, recommendations and opinions, contributing to a more efficient and effective implementation of public anti-corruption policies. 


BeNAC foresees, among others, the development of the following actions:
– Creation of a website where all the information and documentation collected and/or elaborated within the scope of BeNAC's activities is made available;
– Regular production of a newsletter with reflection on relevant topics in the field of prevention and fight against corruption, which may contribute to the implementation of measures or their reformulation;
– Creation of an online publication space for reflection texts with the same objective;
– Carrying out interdisciplinary meetings to discuss relevant topics within the scope of the objectives of BeNAC, such as colloquiums, seminars, cycles, among others;
– Creation of a repository where indicators, studies, reports, recommendations, laws, directives or treaties, national and international, related to the theme of corruption, will be made available in an organized manner.