CES Summer School

Images in Freedom - April's visual cultures

17 - 21 de junho de 2024 | 09h30-18h00

CES | Alta (Coimbra, PT)




The broadening of the scope of the Humanities facilitated by Cultural Studies has made it possible to understand that power is not only lodged in textual objects, but in the practises derived from the relationship between subjects and these objects. In recent decades, the image has emerged with special relevance as a codified object and codifier of ideologies and social practises, after all, only the vehicle and expression of ocular-centric culture and performative spectacularity in contemporary societies. This prevalence, however, tends to normalise viewing practises, concealing the power relations that underlie them. The approach favoured by this school is precisely to critically dismantle the processes through which certain visual regimes are installed and also how culture creates space for their contestation and for the creation of other visualities - or counter-visualities. The perspective of Visual Culture Studies, one of the branches of Cultural Studies, appears to be the most appropriate for this approach, in the sense of disseminating, applying and discussing knowledge produced by researchers from CES, other units of the University of Coimbra, other institutions or other specialists who carry out research in this field, to students and young researchers. The main objectives are to develop an articulated theoretical reflection and critical analysis of phenomena associated with visual objects and practises.

The second edition of the school aims to specifically explore the visual culture of the April Revolution. We want to reflect on how visual objects and practises pointed to other models of seeing the world, representing issues of sociability and community, as well as on the concept of the visual itself and how it is (re)articulated in the face of representations of freedom and citizenship in the context of the Revolution. We will question and analyse the role of visual and artistic media in deconstructing misperceptions, prejudices, distortions and invisibilisation, along with new proposals for representing otherness and detecting and repairing injustices and inequalities in the socio-cultural domain. Therefore, counter-cultural and counter-hegemonic forms of artistic and popular expression will be scrutinised, with a predominance of visual grammars that have been projected over time to the present day - from documentaries to painting, photography, urban art and comics, which thus update the contribution and ideals of the April revolution.

In methodological terms, and since culture is at the centre of the studies, the analysis will be interdisciplinary, with the school relying on a team of trainers from different disciplines and involving methodologies such as arts pedagogy, multimodal discourse analysis, history and cultural studies, which aim to respond to a broader understanding of the image as a complex that brings together form, colour and text. The study of the image as a complex that appeals not only to the eye, but to other senses, in turn allows the participating public to develop multiliteracy skills: visual, digital and aesthetic.

Maria José Canelo (FLUC Professor and CES Researcher) and Patrícia Silva (CES Researcher)


Master's Programme in Studies in Culture, Literature and Modern Languages

- Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Faculty of Arts and Humanities - UC


Target audience

Higher education students and teachers, primary and secondary school teachers and the general public

Teaching Team

Ana Bela Almeida (University of Liverpool, UK)
Ellen Sapega (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)
Inês Nascimento Rodrigues (CES)
João Miguel Lameiras (Independente Researcher)
Mariana Malhão (artist)
Maria José Canelo (FLUC/CES)
Marisa Ramos Gonçalves (CES)
Miguel Cardina (CES)
Patrícia Silva (CETAPS/CES)
Pierre Marie (CES)
Rita Campos (CES)

School Format

- Lectures by invited academics and artists;
- Seminars organised by the teaching team;
- Visits to local institutions and cultural events;
- Screening of a documentary and debate with the director;
- Collective creative activity;
- Workshops for participants to present their work and discuss it among peers and with the teaching team and coordinators.



Early-bird (between February 5 and May 10): €100 - regular || €75 - discount for students on partner programmes (Master's in Culture, Literature and Modern Languages Studies - Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures)

Normal registration: (between May 11 and June 14): €120 - regular || €90 - discount for students on partner programmes (Master's in Studies in Culture, Literature and Modern Languages)

Withdrawals are accepted (with proof) until 10 June, with the right to a partial refund of the registration fee.

+ 2 places for CES researchers, post-doctoral researchers and junior researchers

Image: Maria Helena Vieira da Silva, poster A poesia está na rua (detail)

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